Gicumbi residents urged to protect infrastructure

Gicumbi residents urged to protect infrastructure
Emmanuel Nzabonimpa, Gicumbi Mayor

The call was made on 25 August 2022, in Rutare Sector Gicumbi District, during the inauguration of a water source constructed by the World Vision.

The beneficiaries told the press that they attribute many benefits to World Vision, and promised to protect them.  

Gicumbi District Mayor, Emmanuel Nzabonimpa said that there isn’t any difference between development partners and government because all of them work to improve the welfare of the citizen

He said, “The infrastructure provided to you by our partners is for improving your welfare. It’s your role to protect the infrastructure because they are highly needed”

Alphonsine Nyirabarigira said, “World Vision sponsored my treatment and later helped me to learn to tailor as well as giving me a sewing machine. I started saving the money I would get from tailoring and bought a plot of land” 

The Director in charge of Operations in World Vision Innocent Mutabaruka said that they have registered many achievements during the last fourteen years while working in Rutare Sector. 

“We donated cattle to over five thousand households, and now they are self-sufficient in terms of milk and happen to be having surplus milk for sale. We also constructed 10 water points, which supply water to about 27,000 people” Mutabazi