English breakfast kills it all

English breakfast kills it all
English breakfast kills it all

Breakfast is undoubtedly an important meal, and each country has its own typical breakfast to enjoy. Some are well known, such as the classic croissant to be enjoyed in France, or the eggs with bacon typical in the U.S. But the one in United Kingdom kills it all.

The star of breakfast British are eggs: scrambled, poached, sunny-side up or simply hard-boiled. Accompany them with toasted bread, tomato beans, sausages and slices of bacon. The day will go smoothly with the egg-beans combination.

A typical American breakfast includes both sweet and savory foods such as eggs, bacon, cereal, doughnuts, and muffin. To drink classic American coffee, juices, or fruit juices.

Traditional Canadian breakfast includes fluffy pancake or waffle served with super classic local maple syrup. Long coffee to drink. Also often served are scrambled eggs, bacon, fried or roasted potatoes and toast or bagel.

What do you eat for breakfast in Mexico? Mexican breakfast consists of toast with eggs and jam, huevos Mexican style (eggs with chilli and onion) or estrellados (eggs with ham and bacon). To drink coffee or tea.

Morocco, a breakfast of breads jams and cheese buns prepared in traditional stone baking slabs. Traditional baghir - crepes with sweet sauces or cheese may also happen.

In France the classic breakfast is a croissant with butter, which can be hollow, with jam or chocolate chips, accompanied with a cafè au lait.

The typical Italian breakfast is sweet and consists of milk, coffee, rusks, jam, yogurt and orange juice

Hawai, you have to try a tropical breakfast of exotic fruits: pineapple, coconut, mango and papaya. To go with an American coffee, if desired with cream and small sugary doughnuts