Gisagara: Male victims of GBV embrace counseling

Gisagara: Male victims of GBV embrace counseling

Gisagara District has set aside two facilities aka “Safehouses” in Muganza and Gishubi sectors for the counselling of victims of gender-based violence.

The counselling Centres for girls and women victims of Gender Based Violence, however, men who experience gender-based violence too, have realized the importance attached to these houses, thereby seeking counselling assistance from the centres. 

The facilities are centres for receiving defiled girls and raped women.

The facilities are furnished with different materials including beds, hygienic materials, so as to assist the victims, and sometimes they can spend the night there having had supper from there.

 Gishubi Sector Safe House has so far received 124, including 38 women, 81 girls and 5 men. 

Concillia Mukandutiye in charge of the Safe house told the press that the people who consult them are in many cases in a complicated maze of problems.

“The women we receive happen to have endured battering. If a woman is beaten by her husband, she immediately rushes here, and we give her a bed to rest on, and we converse with her as a way of calming her down. There are some we accommodate until the problem is resolved.” Mukandutiye said.